Shopping Bookmarks has been around since 1998, the year Kim Rowley’s youngest daughter was born (shown above in 2012 photo). Read the history of ShoppingBookmarks.com here.

In keeping up with the competition, we’ve realized that coupons and deals are not enough for today’s consumers. In addition to coupons and deals, consumers want cash back on their purchases!  Ask and you shall receive.

Shopping Bookmarks is partnering with Billaway to offer cash back in the form of gift cards. Users can earn cash by printing coupons and shopping online at thousands of retailers. More ways to earn with an upgraded user interface will be integrated soon.

Register now to be one of the first loyal Shopping Bookmarks cash back users!

P.S. Don’t worry, Kim’s not leaving the show. You can still “keep up with Kim and her kids” on her Shopping Kim blog.

P.S.S. Tatym, Kim’s “baby” is now in college (show below in 2016 photo).